When men say that they “love to see the woman underneath the makeup,” they’re not saying they want to see your leg stubble and greasy bangs—they’re saying they want you to be better at hiding your maintenance routine. Because the maintenance spoils the fantasy.

– Lindy West (via v-erminess)

I think I’m eventually getting used to being alone again and dare I say I think I actually quite like it.

I’ve not really had a prolonged period of time not in a relationship/being involved with someone since I was 16. I’ve always jumped to fill the void with someone else because it felt like something was missing from my life but I don’t feel like that at all now.

I’m totally focused on bettering myself and doing everything I want to do. I’ve been busting my ass at uni the past month and I’m proud that I’ve managed to prioritise everything and be organised, whereas I used to leave everything to the last minute! I’ve fallen in love with my friends all over again because they have made me feel like me again. It’s honestly been years since I’ve felt like this and its even better because I genuinely don’t feel disadvantaged in any way not being in a relationship now. I feel free! It’s such a nice feeling. I feel like the sky is the limit and after this exam on Monday I can actually start living. Bring it on!